How Can Brexit Help Canadian Travelers?

Whether you agree or disagree with the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union, it has created a wonderful opportunity for Canadians to travel to Europe this summer. The day after the announcement the pound dropped to a 30-year low, causing a number of short term cost savings on everything from flights to hotels to excursions.

So if you were considering a trip to Europe before, I would recommend moving ahead with it soon.  Here are a few tips to consider:

  1. Cash in on some great savings on airfare.

    Currently airfare prices are down considerably and there could be more savings on the way. Air Canada already has a flight sale to London and Glasgow. Flights from Edmonton to London are starting at $1000 per person including taxes (ends July 12th). Keep your eyes open for any specials that occur.

  2. If you already had your flight booked, take the time now to book all of the extras.

    This means any hotels, excursions, theatre tickets, meals and car rentals. The current exchange rate helps on all of these things as well!

  3. Make sure to include any other European destinations that are on your bucket list.


    Until the UK officially exits the European Union, which may not be for a few years, the ability to travel easily between the countries will still exist.  But, the likelihood of the inexpensive budget carriers being able to fly freely between the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe, is still up in the air (no pun intended). The Canadian dollar has also gained ground on the Euro as well.

  4. One word of warning: There will be people…

    With all of the sales and the interest in the United Kingdom, there will be a larger than average amount of people traveling to Europe. As well, less Britons will be traveling away from home.  My suggestion is to travel in the shoulder season (September – October), when students are back in school. As well, try to visit attractions at off hours (earlier in the morning or later in the evening) and always be aware of safety.


    The United Kingdom and Europe as a whole are beautiful destinations to visit and now is a great time to start planning. Whether you prefer an independent style of travel or a group tour, they have something for everyone.






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